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At we want to be honest with you about our privacy policy. In short- we will probably record the basic information about your interaction with this website using Google Analytics. This is a standard thing on the Internet. In more details:

We may collect information regarding your browser, IP address, operating system for our marketing research purposes and to make this website better for you and our other valued customers.

To do this we are using Google Analytics- official google product designed for that. This product uses first-party cookies in your browser. Reports generated from this tell us how to improve this website.

Cookies are data that contain information that will be stored in your computer by your browser (you can easily remove them, when clearing history, they also expire by themselves after some time). We will know if you visited the site before thanks to them.

All this is anonymous through Google Analytics. We can see website trends, but only limited info on individual visitors (we can only see if you are in London for example- no more details, and even this is not guaranteed). If you want to opt out from this globally, Google provides a free service for this- check it here.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy our website!