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Andy Windscreens Super Van – so good that it features in our logo!

In case you are interested how does the perfect windscreen replacement vehicle in London looks like, here it is! Of course you may think that this is a bold claim, but we really have not seen any better- and we have seen a few… Keep reading to see what it has inside – and once you are convinced that we are ready for any car glass related job- give us a call on 07508250825!

Andy Windscreens Van Side Andy Windscreens Van Front Andy Windscreens Van Back Andy Windscreens Van New and Old

On the last picture you can see our old and new design standing next to each other. As the company and experience grew, we realised that to give our customers 100% satisfaction, we need a better, bigger and more more modern vehicle! Of course a beautiful looking design is just half of the job of making a car good for this kind of work. As you can see the new model that we are using is a Citroen Dispatch, but in their basic version, they are not perfect for this job… but we wanted perfect! We decided to completely change the insides, together with a double floor (for extra, safe, storage), huge battery, large amount of tools space and of course- secure place for storing the car glass. Here you can see some of the compartments that the Andy Windscreen Van accommodates:

Windscreen Replacement Tools Windscreen Holder Windscreen Repair Kit Car Glass Tools

Rain and bad weather are another common problems that one have to deal when working with windscreen. Because we come to you, often there is no roof under which the glass change can happen. This was the reason why we developed our rapid deployment – mobile roof solution. Setting it up takes just a few minutes, and the whole job can happen in dry conditions. That means, that with us- there is always a way! Check how great the deployed roof looks like!

Mobile Roof for Windscreen Change

When you put it all together- you get one beautiful, car glass replacing/repairing machine! When this vehicle comes to solve your problem, you know that we will have the tools and experience to deal with anything that comes up! Call us now on 075 0825 0825 – we offer the best quality for a very competitive price!

Van Tools Shelf Van Tools Inside


Call 075 0825 0825 – we are quicker and cheaper than you think!